MKF at The Virgin Run Report 2017

Title: Virgin British 10k Run

Concept: Runners to raise funds for the clinic

Date: 9th July 2017

Location:  Westminster, London

Facilitators: Virgin Sport


Runners/ Walkers – Edwin Boatswain, Charmaine Brome, Teren James, Silvia Kirk, Sian Maciejowski, James Vaughan-Jones.

Sponsors – Over 20 sponsors – thank you so much to each and everyone of you.

Supporters – BEN TV, John Chinode, Faith Lee, Tio Brome, Facebook and Twitter supporters


Our goal at the Monica Kirk Foundation (MKF) was to raise awareness of what we do, raise funds and take part in a fun event.


How much money was spent?

  • £353.50  was spent on purchasing 10 tickets at £35.35 per place from Virgin Sport.
  • Tickets were purchased in March 2017.
  • Advertising of the places for the run started in May 2017.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp newsletter, a page on the website, TV interview and UKRUNCHAT were platforms used to advertise.


How many people participated?

  • There was difficulty attracting runners and getting all ten places filled. Only 6 places were taken up in the end.
  • How did people participate?
  • People participated by engaging in conversation with online, running or walking, sponsoring the runners, supporting the runners, liking our Facebook page
  • How can you describe the event participants?
  • Friends, family and work colleagues.


Were the goals of the event achieved?

  • Yes we managed to raise £1049. Taking away the cost of the tickets, we made £695.50.

         Although not all places were filled.

  • How can you compare this event with other events?
  • We have held 1 event in the past, a Fun day. The fun day raised £897.38 in total which  was £151.62 less than the amount raised from the run. Both days depend a lot on people’s generosity and attract different supporters.

Learning points:

What could be done better?

  • Ensuring we have runners lined up prior to purchasing tickets for the run.
  • Start advertising for runners at the beginning of the year for the annual run.

Future Development:

What will you do next time?

  • Line runners up prior to purchasing places for the run.
  • Start promoting runners and fundraising pages at least a month before the run.
  • Order t-shirts at least 2 months before the run for supporters and runners. Arranging a sponsor to pay for this and giving tem an opportunity to advertise their business on the shirts.
  • Any spin-off idea?
  • Possibly look at getting enough runners to enable MKF to be an officially named charity on the website.
  • Finding out if people want to do a shorter or longer run.
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