MKF December 2015 Fundraiser


The original proposal to organise the fundraising event arose from our scheduled meeting of 11.10.2015, where trustee Tio Brome suggested we organise an event before Christmas. With funds going to Tukela Foundation School and Monica Kirk Foundation. A few dates were suggested, along with the type of activities that could be held on the day, including the need to draft a donation letter to issue to businesses for prize donations. We then set about locating a venue and putting together an event from that point.

aA venue was found shortly afterwards online following a few enquiries, and two trustees went to visit the venue to assess its suitability. The venue was St. Mary Brookfield Hall, York Rise, London NW5 1SB. We were able to secure the venue for a decent length of time during the day and at a good cost. The date was Saturday 5th December 2015 and the event was to be held from 1pm-5pm. With this date confirmed, we had 6 weeks before the event day.


A good day was had by all. It was attended by approximately 50 visitors throughout the day.
Trustees set up the venue in advance, some donations were given by the trustees like sundry items i.e. napkins, drinks, cutlery etc. We had received some great raffle prizes like the Fortnum & Mason Hamper and people donating their services of baking cakes and cupcakes.
The day started off quiet but visitors came in slowly, with more after 3pm and there were approximately 20 visitors during the announcement of the raffle winners towards the end of the day.


What went well

We sold some raffle tickets in advance of the date. Online donations were made prior to the event due to communicating the cause beforehand. We were able to advertise online on the and websites, including Camden Council’s electronic staff noticeboard. Posters were put up weeks in advance locally including the handing out of flyers. Promotion of the event was done outside the venue on the day including walking around the local area informing people as they were walking past. Collection buckets were placed near the hall entrance and near to where payments for raffle tickets were being made, thus encouraging further donations. A charge was made for the use of the bouncy castle, face painting and guess the number of sweets in the jar. We charged for refreshments, cakes and cupcakes.

We had a handmade jewellery table with the seller donating some of their sales.
Interactive sessions of the zumba and yoga were well received and brought some additional entertainment on the day, particularly for the adults.
We were able to raise a generous amount of money from all the charges and donations, helping us raise a total of £609.38 on the day.

The venue was known to locals as it is used as a nursery and community hall.
The trustees worked well together, meeting to organise plans, going out in the local area handing out leaflets and displaying posters in addition to telling people the purpose of our fundraising event.

What could have been better

  • Knowing the local area and other events or activities taking place.
  • The location of the venue was set in a residential area, and could have attracted more attention if closer to the main road.
  • We had some additional donations that we did not utilise, we were going to sell some and put closing bids on others however, this table was not manned and we missed out on additional funds.

As this was our first fundraising event we had no prior experience, in retrospect we did very well as we generated £897.38 in total. This will help support Tukela Foundation School and go towards our funds for MKF clinic.

£450 was donated to Tukela Foundation and £447.38 went to MKF.


Below are the associated direct costs to MKF.

Hire of the Hall £50.00


Online donations £210 plus £33.75 raised from Gift Aid

Delivery charge of bouncy castle £30

Collection Buckets £21

Other significant donations include the making of cupcakes, the use of a face painting kit and music system, refreshments, the use of the bouncy castle, people’s time. Not forgetting the raffle prize donations, the zumba and yoga sessions.


Cake sale £120
Refreshments £49.18
Raffle tickets £348


Volunteers   7
Trustees 6

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