Tukela Foundation School


Tukela Foundation School is a charitable organisation (NGO) registered at Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) as a Private Company Limited by Guarantee.

The foundation provides a much needed service offering our local community an activity and literacy centered school to go as far as possible to eradicate the very high levels of illiteracy in our locality for both children and adults. The school is located on a farm in Lusaka West owned by the Brome Family.

Mission statement

Provide the best academic program possible for a comprehensive education of our students. We live in a knowledge age therefore we feel it is our duty to encourage our students to develop life-long learning skills which are the on-going self-motivated pursuit of knowledge in order to apply the right knowledge effectively.


To provide a varied learning environment for our students our focus is on instilling a strong reading culture and a strong desire and self-discipline to learn. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills and disposition to continue their education, deal with learning challenges with confidence and not fear by offering creative teaching methods involving the students in a variety of extra-curricular activities alongside class based learning


If you grow to learn, then you will learn to grow.

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