Monica Kirk

The Monica Kirk Foundation was founded in Memory of Monica Kirk by her Daughter Silvia.  Here are a few words about Monica and the foundation from Silvia.

Monica Kirk was an amazing woman in my eyes and the eyes of many. An incredible, mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, friend and confidant. She did so much for others and worked hard to always get a greater understanding of nearly everything. Once a farmers child, a nurse, a business woman, a graduate with an MBA degree, a project manager and many more things… Frankly too many to mention.  She was well travelled and a very religious woman.

Monica Kirk was killed in a tragic coach accident on 27th July 2011 in Zambia.  With the sad loss of my mother, I battled with grief trying to work out what was the best thing to do with the projects she was doing at the time.  After four months of her death, I realised the only thing that sat right with my heart was to continue her legacy somehow, which is how the MONICA KIRK FOUNDATION came about.

I am Silvia Kirk the only child of Monica.  She did everything she could do for me and I would like to honour my mothers name and continue to do what my mum did best, help others and do it with humanity.  I am the founder of this charity and would love to be able to make a difference to the people of my Zambia.



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